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BSOD while gaming/browsing

BSOD while playing BF bad company 2

BSOD while verifier turned on code c9

BSOD while playing league and on chrome

BSOD while connecting. DRIVER.IRQL.NOT.LESS.OR.EQUAL.ndis.sys

BSOD while playing Battlefield 3-IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

BSOD while watching Online Videos (YouTube for example)

BSOD while starting a game in an emulator

BSOD while playing WOW 0x0000007F

BSOD while watching Twitch Stream

BSOD while gaming

BSOD While Playing Battlefield 3 Error

BSOD while running rFactor Sim Racing

BSOD while running firefox and keepass

BSOD while playing intense games such as ARMA

BSOD while using Opera?

BSOD while playing games or just surfing in the internet

BSOD While downloading (Don't Know if is due to origin)

BSOD while using Sonar Artist. Event Viewer 1001 and 18

BSOD while gaming/idle - latest error is atikmpag.sys

BSOD while rendering in sony vegas

BSOD while browsing

BSOD while multitasking/gaming/playing a lot of youtube videos

BSOD while playing Games / Updating them. URGENT PLEASE!

BSOD While burning a disk (assuming it wasnt the cause however)

BSOD while doing pretty much anything moderately intensive

BSOD while using mozilla firefox 0x000000d1

BSOD while doing anything graphically demanding

BSOD While Rendering

BSOD While Burning/Ripping DVDs

BSOD While downloading Neverwinter.

Infrequent BSOD while Gaming

BSOD While gaming/streaming 0x00000124

BSOD While Installing Latest Nvidia Driver 353.30

BSOD while idling/under minimal load or gaming

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