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Fixed bug where restoring the overflow state of the body in fullscreen plugin running on IE would produce vertical scrollbars. Fixed so editor_selector/editor_deselector can be regexps. Fixed so the custom context menu can be disabled by holding down ctrl key while clicking. Removed the createDOM method from the window manager and replace it with a createInstance method. weblink

Fixed bug where IE 6 where displaying warning message about insecure items when inserting an image while using https. Fixed bug where editor contents like \n\n would be incorrectly handled and processed as real line feeds. Renamed the addCommandQueryState method in the tinymce.Editor class to addQueryStateHandler. Fixed bug where the layer plugin would produce an visual add class called mceVisualAid this one is now renamed to mceItemVisualAid to mark it internal.

Fixed bug where delete key could produce exceptions in Gecko sometimes due to the fix for the table cell bug. Fixed so header and footer elements are forced to lower case when the fullpage plugin is used. Fixed bug where IE was producing the default value the maxlength attribute of input elements.

Fixed bug where font sizes couldn't be changed using the style plugin. Fixed bug where the oninit callback wasn't executed correctly when the strict_loading_mode option was used, thanks goes to Nicholas Oxhoej. Fixed bug where backspace/delete key was deleting td elements inside tables while running on Gecko. This is also browser specific so it will never work to use the runtime style and match them to the select box values.Also font size is element specific for example if

Fixed bug where center alignment of images couldn't be toggled correctly. Fixed issue with isDirty returning true event if it wasn't dirty on IE due to changes in tables during initialization. Fixed bug where mceInsertContent would break up existing elements in Opera and Gecko. Fixed so the editor starts in IE 8 standards mode but still that browser is very very buggy.

Fixed bug where the plugin_preview_pageurl option didn't work. Fixed bug where dragging layers didn't work as expected since it would snap back to it's original location if you saved. Fixed bug where selection/caret position was lost on some table actions. Added auto detection for the strict_loading_mode option when running in application/xhtml+xml mode on Gecko.

Fixed memory leak in IE where if a page was unloaded before all images on the page was loaded it would leak. Added new translation.html file for the development package. Added support for using arrow keys for selection of items in listboxes. Fixed bug where elements like menus where placed at incorrect positions in Opera 9.26.

Fixed bug where the nonbreaking plugin inserted an space instead of an non breaking space the first time. have a peek at these guys Fixed bug where coords attribute of the area element wasn't handled properly in IE. Fixed so the style compression feature is a bit smarter to resolve issues with Opera. Fixed so the deprecated and undocumented theme_advanced_path_location set to none won't hide the whole statusbar.

Version 3.0a3 (2007-11-13) Added new experimental jQuery and Prototype framework adapters to the development package. Fixed so the editor UI and inlinedialogs works correctly with the YUI CSS reset package. Fixed bug where anchor list in advlink dialog wasn't populated correctly in Safari. check over here Fixed bug where some language values wasn't translated such as insert and update in dialogs.

Fixed bug where layer style data wasn't updated correctly due to some performance enhancements with the DOM serializer. Fixed bug where alignment of images inside tables would produce double float style items in IE if the fix_table_elements option was enabled. Fixed bug where Opera was producing odd results if enter/return was pressed while having forced_root_blocks disabled.

Fixed bug where the default options for the fullpage plugin wasn't applied correctly.

Fixed bug where content_css files wasn't loaded in the template preview iframe. It will now generate an unique id for those textareas. Fixed bug where search with an empty string would produce some odd "invalid pointer" error in IE. Added new frame and rules options for the table dialog.

Fixed bug where div elements that got converted into editors didn't get a hidden input element generated for them. Renamed the _template plugin to example and updated it to use the new 3.x API. Fixed bug where the domLoaded state for the Event class wasn't set correctly if the editor was loaded dynamically using the gzip compressor. http://cdhca.org/general/runtime-freememory.php Added new API documetation to all classes, functions, events, properties to the Wiki with examples etc.

Fixed bug where the dom.getRect method didn't handle non pixel values correctly. It will now generate an unique id for those textareas. Fixed bug where the template plugin might produce errors if the template_mdate_classes wasn't configured. Fixed bug where the old mceAddControl command would use the fullscreen settings next time it created an instance.

Fixed bug where IE would produce an warning message if object elements where produced in the media plugins preview running on https.