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Did Anyone Know About This? Locking Folders


Richard Markert Galaxy Note 7: the cheaters ultimate phone! User rating: 4.7/5 Purchase or download a free trial. martin dude i love u. if it is a different OS then the icon index may be different) bla bla bla i think u got it HM have anybody tried to type a wrong password? check my blog

Thank you very much!! Also if you don't want someone to open the batch file and find out the password just move the batch file into the password secured file afterward. However, if you don't enter the correct password, the folder will remain protected. (Note that in order to unlock the folder this way, you need to double-click on the folder in Obviously it's not meant for keeping extremely sensitive data safe, but for a quick trick to keep prying eyes out of your business, it's not a bad option.

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How To Create A Password Protected Folder

Please comment on this reply. Personally I have been a Samsung Fan right from the very first Galaxy S..!! because it works only in the computer that i made it…anyone who can help..?? Backup, Backup, Backup… Keep a copy of that files in different places..

Given Android for Work is a thing and offers similar functionality to KNOX (which Secure Folder is powered by), I have to wonder: why not put something like this in stock Any suggestions? every thing in the folder will be lost !!. Password Protect Folder Software if you know the exact location of the folder all you have to do is go there and create a new bat file with a desired password and you can unlock

afzal Great what a way to secure a folder;… thanks Susheel This method is not secure at all, any one can see batch file & will get password easily kwstas is LOL Johny ca't someone just delete the locker file and gain access to the folder? rename locker.bat to something random, like "00xb011.obj" something no one would bother to open - and even if they did, since you altered the file extension they would need to know https://www.cnet.com/uk/how-to/what-you-need-to-know-about-the-note-7s-secure-folder/ Marwan Best practice is to always keep a backup copy of the file.

Is it just the same or is the secure folder a third option next to normal phone usage and MyKnox? How To Lock A Folder In Windows 7 Without Software Say you want to hide a bunch of files. Bill Couldn't you simply click "edit" on the batch file and easily read the password to unlock the folder? My ex-gf had a Galaxy S5 and I still think that that phone is way more functional than the Moto X and it doesn't feel any slower than the near-stock Android

How To Put A Password On A Folder Windows 10

The process of opening your secure folder, then finding an app, opening it, and entering a password is anything but streamlined and likely to discourage people from using Secure Folder. work for me… XD Marwan It's a very good batch. How To Create A Password Protected Folder Finally i click on this site and i try its really work . Password Protect Folder Windows 7 And you can install basically any app you normally can on your phone (well, launchers won't work) in the secure folder via a built-in instance of the Google Play Store for

Abhijeet tHNX BUDDY made U my life easy….. click site Also, does this allow separate notifications to roll in for the multiple version of the same app? thanks for sharing my friend. Dhiraj it was ossam. How To Lock A Folder In Windows 8

COLOR C echo Type in password correctly, or computer will proceed shutdown. Damn Hassle, but i guess it somehow helps? Kids should be taught to never touch someone's phone. news but if we search file name of the file in private folder it will be found.and right clicking "open file location" opens that folder..

Kiki Hmm nice, but anyone can oped the locker.bat file in edit mode and see the password… asad it really works great. How To Set Password For Folder In Windows 7 Without Any Software David Ruddock Oh, ok, noted! David Ruddock See another comment below.

MicroNix For the 1% of Android users that use them?

I'm not saying the idea is completely original, I'm saying Samsung did it a highly secure and highly usable way. But Secure Folder is so much more. emailrob Why don't more people use multiple user accounts? How To Put Password On Folder Windows 8 i had to hide my past papers in my laptop due to the campus policy of having pass papers is punishable by expulsion.

Granted, it has limitations: you can't set a launcher or use Secure Folder like a full OS instance. FOR /F %%A IN (‘TIME/T') DO SET Now=%%A ECHO TIME: %Now%. Reviews All reviews Phone Reviews Tablet Reviews Wearable Reviews Other Reviews More Reviews... More about the author kamiller42 Does MyKnox work with Android 6.01?

Thanks David. Your son could use the remaining unencrypted half of the drive for his files. its a matter of taste. Pls pls pls assist me what shud I do in dis case?

You can quickly identify which apps are part of the Secure Folder -- thus requiring a extra authentication to open -- thanks to the lock icon placed on the app's icon. If you surround each step of the way with tons of random junk it will only serve to convolute the process. Michael Rodgers Or for the V20 announcement for me (my hopes really aren't up). At least my little sisters and bother wouldn't be able to figure that out I don't think.

Chris Morales Sounds like a great feature, especially with dual accounts. I've extended my "private folder" a little bit, I'm gonna post it, edit the "TITLE", "PASSWORD", "NAME." Please give feedback! dyalan_05 BEST THING EVER!!! Say "cgi-bin" or something that blends in..

If someone has reasonable coding knowledge they can view and find the line in the code with your password which is unencrypted Jamie What is the best way to limit access from that point on, that admin can't be deactivated (it's greyed out) and the partition can't be removed as they both stay in the system after My Knox app uninstallation. DanSan allthethings.jpg. When you tap to view it, you will have to authenticate to open the app if your secure folder is not already unlocked.

Altaf Hussain its great. thanks so much for your assistance Dan I deleted the text file and it worked fine still Sonali Hey Buddy… It is gr8…but one bug is their….any one can see batch Oasis Feng If you want this feature on your non-Samsung device, there's a 3rd-party tool app actually do the similar magic, in the exact same "Android for Work" way: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oasisfeng.island (still