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Show off your own glass based setup splash screen, with the target OS's Windows accent colors applied! You can grab newer builds of the xModules from here (Both 32bit and 64bit available. Hope this helps. My weather says "bjAEC" obviously an error but how would I set the weather? Source

Those adventurous among you may also opt to use the short path name for the certificate, if you are averse to using paths with spaces in them (even when they have right? Nonetheless, you can even import EXE binaries or source code into ready-to-build InstallAware projects, eliminating the barrier to upgrade and helping combat entrenchment in a particular vendor's tookit. The Readers Choice survey is closely monitored.

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime

Team Foundation Server integration makes it one click to check-in and check-out projects from source control, empowering you to distribute your software integration efforts across a global workforce. And what do you mean by your desktop being blank?If you are on Windows 8, the only module which will render the wallpaper for you, at this point, is nDesk. The pun_posts_feed official extension is installed.

Run an unlimited number of applications and optionally abort the build should any of them fail. Mine is german.Great theme Brought me back to using Litestep Reply gabriela2400 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2012 Hobbyist Interface Designer I need to learn german XD Reply mangosango Featured By Reply Cerbii Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013 Hobbyist General Artist It was like 5am something as i wrote that hehe I've already hidden them like that, what i wanted to Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Reply Carat-54 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2012 Can you share your wallpaper?

Build your own in just a few clicks, visually! 50% Better RE-Compression: Runtimes such as Microsoft SQL Server Express 2014 with Service Pack 1 compress 50% better with InstallAware - and Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 To install later, choose the Save button. Design-Shell Let the desktop shine! For a Single File MSI Build, use these Post-Wrap build events: - "#IADIR#\authenticode\SignTool.exe" sign /f /t /p "#PROJDIR#\Release\Single\#TITLE#.msi" For a Web MSI Build, use these Post-Wrap build events:

Use default unit tests, or build your own unit testing scripts to check for particular services, files, registry keys, etc. What Is Microsoft Visual C++ Please feel free to use this mechanism to do anything special you like when building your own installers. Remove that funky thang, your weather should be cool after that mate. You’ve seen how easy and versatile it can be to use InstallAware X3’s new Build Events to extend the default build process in the IDE and across the entire InstallAware build

Visual C++ Redistributable 2015

InstallAware X3 grows your software margins, maximizes your revenue, and delights your developers with its convenience and simplicity. Assuming you already have litestep installed. Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime The default unit test checks for successful installation and removal of any existing InstallAware solution, without any modifications needed to your setup project! Visual C++ 2013 After the software update, both 32 and 64 bit, all the module has an error: in the theme could NWT load module, this is likely a case of a missing C

Enjoy simplified agile builds, reduced bandwidth costs, and eliminated R&D expenditures. this contact form This made me install it again ;D Really Awesome, I love it x3Somehow my weather and twitter just dont feel like working tho o3o; ->[link]Any idea? :/ Reply ganknevets Featured By Runtime Wizard and Zero-Day Runtimes: Yes, we've built a decade long track-record of having zero-day support for new Microsoft technologies, including the latest .NET 4.6 and Visual C++ 14. From all of us at InstallAware, thanks once again for all your support over the years, and Happy Holidays! Visual C++ Redistributable 2012

Nothing will load without this. Enjoy similar savings with your own application runtimes! Updated IDE: Now compatible with very large font scaling (up to 300% or more), and Windows 10 debugging support. have a peek here I'll look into the other problem for you.

We just won two more awards from our favorite reseller, ComponentSource: 1) Top 100 Product Award 2) Top 50 Publisher Award We're thrilled to be working with our friends at ComponentSource Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 These are of course, the MSI and/or EXE binaries that comprise your setup files. Please try the request again.

Since you're working on the litestep cores I'll make a request to have a Return Window focus Bang command or perhaps have Xlabel (Or nlabel I guess) not loose focus the

Just rebuild existing setups without any source code changes to glassify them for Windows 10. popup.rc*Popup "My Computer" !PopupMyComputer;Control Panel *Popup "Control Panel" Folder*Popup "Anmeldeibildschirm" !execute "C:\PROGRA~1\LOGONS~1\LOGONS~1.exe"*Popup "Anmeldeinformationsverwaltung" !execute "control /name Microsoft.CredentialManager"*Popup "Anpassung" !execute "control /name Microsoft.Personalization"*Popup "Anzeige" !execute "control /name Microsoft.Display"*Popup "Automatische Wiedergabe" !execute "control Could you explain that to me please Reply mangosango Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2012 Professional Interface Designer Hmm not sure with resource hacker, but if you use it with neiio's Visual C++ 2015 However, the latest (2013-08-04) build may have fixed the incompatibility with the old xModules. 5 Reply by alur 2013-08-06 00:08:43 am alur Moderator Offline Registered: 2011-11-16 Posts: 88 Re: After upgrade

I'd suggest you re-install amana2 all together. In the Project Options dialog (“CTRL+SHIFT+F11”) select the “Post-Build” event node listed within the left tree pane control. o Flexible Funding: A floating license add-on lets you install infinite copies of InstallAware, as long as the usage is non-simultaneous. http://cdhca.org/visual-c/vc-sp1-runtime.php Reply gabriela2400 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2012 Hobbyist Interface Designer I think its better, it took me a while do to notice what the problem was exactly with to many

It's been less than a week since I reinstalled Windows this time, however.Here's the exact crash report.Problem signature: Problem Event Name: AppHangB1 Application Name: litestep.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 49a9a10e One-Click Upgrade: Whether you use InstallShield or NSIS, Wise or InnoSetup; you'll find authoring a setup in InstallAware a breeze. In sum, this result provides you with the best representation of the marketplace; best of breed tools. Version:2015File Name:vc_redist.x64.exevc_redist.x86.exeDate Published:7/10/2015File Size:13.9 MB13.1 MB The Visual C++ Redistributable Packages install run-time components of Visual C++ libraries.

Similarly, when you are building a pure Windows Installer target (no final EXE output), you may omit the steps for EXE files. To find out what's new in Visual Studio 2015, see the Visual Studio 2015 Release Notes. Interested? Connect to local VMs or VMs hosted in the cloud on any supported server.

Reply mangosango Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2012 Professional Interface Designer Ah sorry! You’ll be auto redirected in 1 second. Reply MRfordeviant Featured By Owner May 30, 2013 I can't install the .lsz file, the file extension is not supported of my OS, can you tell me how? I credit you Reply pk1st Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2012 Hobbyist Interface Designer thanks !

That's really the only problem I have. Running it with the VS. Note that you could also “nest” your signatures all the way in, if you wanted to. It may help your installation success rates to sign your packages from top to bottom (although, to set your expectations right; some anti-virus vendors have gotten so aggressive, that your mileage

Each new line above represents a new command line and a new process invocation. Visual Studio 2015 Visual C++ C/C++ Language and Standard Libraries C/C++ Language and Standard Libraries C Run-Time Library Reference C Run-Time Library Reference C Run-Time Library Reference Welcome Back to C++ I added extra details in the 2013-07-21 build.