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No sound after updates

Windows search function not looking in Downloads?

Transferring Favorities into Wiindows 7

After connecting to a network

Shared desktop picture?

iPod "driver" problems

Laptop BSOD's Regularly

How do I turn off update function that causes "Do Not Turn Off"

Slow restart

SLOW w7 network access

Second HDD drastically increases S3 wake time

Getting BSOD randomly for the past month

Computer just doesn't want to see Ipod

Randomly timed BSODs on newly upgraded PC

How to turn white explorer window area transparent

Lexmark 4300

Screensaver Options

Windows 7 10/10 support about 2/10

Built-in Disk Defrag not running scheduled defrags

Upgraded Comp Repeated BSOD

Change PC hardware after activation


August updates problem

Constant BSOD's while using network.

Windows Update Empty

bluetooth drivers issue

turning off automatic installation of drivers?

How much space should i dedicate to a full system image?

Printer not recognised

System freezing

Windows 7 Accounts Privacy Problem?

Tasks in taskbar do not work

Issues with use of RAM.

Random Hangs

which a v do i use and do i use win fire ?

There's still a problem with Ventrilo

Random BSOD no specific reason

BSOD same operation in EA 11 after latest windows update

System tray items not loading on start and spinning cursor

Hard drive capacity dropped after Windows reinstallation

Unable to update Toshiba Laptop Graphics Driver

Updates causing problems?

Freezing/BSOD Randomly

How to install Upgrade to formatted first partition

USB devices won't install - SFC fails to repair

Random screen blackout while browsing or gaming

Bsod/ Crash/ Now Lagging After Few Hours.

Taskbar disappears after sleep mode.

Which build?

Conexant audio hd - Error: Device can't be startet. (Code 10)

Windows totally locking up every few minutes

utorrent crashes to bsod after running for a while

Recent upgrades to homebuild- now frequent BSOD

Windows 10 from Windows 7 box

Window7 crash using utorrent

Increase Icon Cache Size

w7 firewall enhance usability

BSOD following week of random crashes and bsods

Connected to network

Consistent Automatic Alt-Tabbing after update

Computer Hard Freezes with No BSOD or Event Viewer Logs

Memory Leak. Backup to Network Drive runs out of RAM.

Tried to clean Regedit now Win 7 will not boot

Computer will not hibernate - screen will just go to sleep

Can I safely remove the program icons from the all programs list?

What happens to old disc licence after new install?

How to avoid system file corruption due to driver updates

More than fewer Bsods X(

Adding shortcut back into start programs

Win10 "upgrade" - does Pro=Pro and Home=Home?

BSOD help - NTFS.SYS - New Install

Getting a BSOD randomly!

Many different BSOD at random times with new computer

HELP! Problem with resolution on taskbar.

Removed dual boot now windows isn't booting

Wireless connection icon freezing but still connected to the internet

SSD had OS installed without AHCI on

BSOD frequently occurring after Windows update

Need help in setting up file sharing

cannot share folders/libraries

Latest x64 ISO released build?

New Dell System and Severe Problems by one Game

start icon unresponsive--help pls

Random BSOD - error 0x00000109

How to gain permanent permission to change folders

my screen saver stopped working

Windows 7 Unresponsive and fairly laggy

how do you unhide taskbar with only windows icon key?

AMD phenom ii and windows 10 compatability

Booting crash


Many differents BSOD and constants sudden crashes

64 bit False eligibility

New Computer Random Freezing

BSOD during downloads

can't move/resize/close windows

reactivates with no changes to hardware

Random System Crashes (No Blue Screen)

Disk Activity is Constantly 100%

BSOD when gaming

Clean install issue

UPS Communication After Win 7 Sleep Mode

Trying to access the Recover system settings

User account - Local Settings

Problem with sleep and hibernate (again)

BSOD while playing LoL 0x000000d1 with log

Mcafee security center - incompatible?

Realtek - No audio above Stereo 2.0 on Windows 7

Windows Classic mode but where is Windows Standard colours ?

Kaspersky anti-virus and latest windows update

Laptop Unable to SHUT DOWN!

Dual disk system booting with incorrect drive letters

ntdll.dll problem

error while clicking time in taskbar

random bsods - RAM or drivers?

Fresh install of Win 7 Pro prior to Win 10 upgrade

Theme Colors in Explorer/Start Menu

Run window does not display font correctly with custom visual style

problems start AFTER i restart computer to install updates

Users with administrative rights don't get all rights

Asus install CD blocked

Is there a truly risk-free way to try Windows 10?

Would you reccomend applying MS KB article for powering down USB Ports

Auto arrange bugg and file view memory loss in win 7 x64

cannot copy files over home network! PLEASE HELP :(

Is my build the latest?

Numerous issues after windows update and Avira quarantine

Sporatic BSOD and Black Screen Freeze-ups/Crash

A little taskbar icon assistance !

Loud fan noise since installing windows 7

Bluetooth not detected in windows

declutter menu application not workin'(but supposed to)

Mouse Scrolling Program

PC doesn't reactivate the screen

command com flashing on screen after reboot

Windows 7 Upgrading

Problem With Restarts After August Microsoft Updates

Corrupt application windows

Sound working with constant background sparkling noise

audiodg.exe 50% CPU usage

Can we change the arrow for more programs in the taskbar ?

update to win 10 - Miracast?

Problem with sound card driver

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