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Dual Display Issue (maybe Simple Sol'n)


It's full of irony! Share twitter facebook linkedin Re:Creative Displays (Score:2) by karnal ( 22275 ) writes: I'll show you my "O" face. On another note, the computer I am on at the moment uses Windows 7. currently using vga for main monitor and second screen has dvi. have a peek at these guys

by NeedaNewNick2009-10-23 21:01:51 I miss comic books you could let kids read. by McNutcase2009-10-23 11:37:40 My current POS Toyota tops out at about 100 by veran2009-10-23 11:44:46 ...we could fix that. (n/t) by themadkansan2009-10-23 11:31:56 hehehehe The Daily Static UF Archives Register UF Membership Ad Free Site Postcards Community Geekfinder UFie Gear Advertise on UF Forum Rules & FAQ Username Password Create a New Account Testertosone! http://www.sevenforums.com/graphic-cards/11285-dual-display-issue-maybe-simple-soln.html

Dual Monitor Not Working Windows 10

by Hieraco2009-10-23 04:12:16 Gah! by confused.brit2009-10-23 15:29:22 extermal app modifies the file by dennismv2009-10-23 19:24:07 It's used all the time in real time applications. (n/t) by RetiQlum22009-10-23 15:31:47 It's silent! Also, you can drag the two images of monitors to put one to the left of the other.

How are the monitors connected? Think of the .000005% advantage you would get when power is then modulated at the sub-pixel level. Also, when 10 was first up and running both monitors were functioning on the 2048 resolution. Windows 10 Not Detecting Hdmi Monitor permalinkembedsave[–]yourcloneUniversity of Michigan - CS 2 points3 points4 points 4 years ago(0 children)I can only speak for myself, but I look forward to sprucing up my workspace once I have the time/money.

by kelli2172009-10-23 12:39:33 I remember him and we are the same age. Duh! (n/t) by corwin172009-10-23 12:09:43 "I *told* you! Aug7,2015 •#3 I found the run prompt and got to the screen - no second monitor is recognized... Any Thought any one thanks Jun30,2016 •#47 the fix for this for me was found when I completed Windows Updates, drivers were re-installed and my dual monitors came back!!!

I think they actually are a bit pricier now... Windows 10 3 Monitors Tq Jun13,2016 (modified Jun30,2016) •#42 Windows 10 is a virus that wrecks perfectly working old computers and microsoft and the computer manufactures are profiting from it. There is a driver showing and it indicated a problem (small yellow triangle next to the name of the driver). by Anonymous Freak2009-10-23 20:56:39 Full version wasn't available online.

Dual Monitor Not Detected

by Khaar2009-10-23 05:55:38 Well, drivers appear to be junk. http://twiki.org/irclogger/irclogger_log/twiki?date=2007-04-30,Mon&text=on Flibble ( 12943 ) writes: on Friday March 11, 2005 @06:00PM (#11915379) Homepage It is incredible... Dual Monitor Not Working Windows 10 Maybe 70% of the time on a reboot, only the main monitor displays anything. Windows 10 Second Monitor Not Detected DualHead2go.

by aprylmae2009-10-23 12:11:38 12 DAYS? More about the author permalinkembedsavegive gold[–]eandiMcMaster - B Mechatronics Mgmt, M Software, M Entrepreneurship 2 points3 points4 points 4 years ago(3 children)This is from my old apartment, I fluctuated between using a 19in monitor or a 40in by ManiacJoe2009-10-23 14:38:57 Yup. Running 2 monitors off a video card on a desktop. Can't Detect Second Monitor

Let me guess - the thought that a user might actually want to be able to see more content never, ever, ever entered your mind? by corwin172009-10-23 14:47:28 Nah, not really by intrinsic2009-10-23 13:57:07 I still drink coffee out of one. B. http://cdhca.org/windows-10/i-have-some-serious-problem-with-my-desktop-display.php Does the stereotypical Linux user configure their WM so as to remove the maximize button, or something?

permalinkembedsave[–][deleted] 4 points5 points6 points 4 years ago(1 child)jeez. Windows 7 Won't Detect Second Monitor by subbywan2009-10-23 10:51:12 Just means that they have redefined torture by Hieraco2009-10-23 10:41:57 It's now being defined as... by joresgump2009-10-23 10:26:52 PSA: Dear $coworker, by jpprater2009-10-23 10:05:19 U.S.

by Cokish2009-10-23 07:29:26 or use this link by oEdLaN2009-10-23 07:40:20 ...am I being unreasonable?

is it the .5?) by kahuana2009-10-23 20:13:02 *vibes incoming* .... link permalinkembedsave[–]alexis2044Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - ECE[S] 1 point2 points3 points 4 years ago(0 children)MS Optical Mouse will outlive us all. by kelli2172009-10-23 12:57:58 Never got it. Second Monitor No Signal define "fight".

by aprylmae2009-10-23 07:17:20 Dear $DEITY, that is the most disgusting things by firehawk2009-10-23 02:45:07 MMNHSSQOTD by Hieraco2009-10-23 00:21:55 Go to Ireland. by RetiQlum22009-10-23 11:07:32 Break out the tracking devices. This is intended for phones, PDAs, media players, etc. news Re:Self Defeating (Score:4, Interesting) by Rei ( 128717 ) writes: on Friday March 11, 2005 @06:19PM (#11915521) Homepage I'm not sure that would defeat this technology; it may not dim on

It worked perfectly fine for the first 2 weeks, now my laptop doesn't even detect the screen.