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Win 7 Takes 20-25 Seconds To Start


Just flashed my MB with UEFI bios and repeatedly clocked it at 10 sec flat. I'm on a HDD and on windows 7 and my boot time is about 17 seconds. I really wanna try vista too but I dont have a damn dvd burner. jaguarskxJun 29, 2006, 2:54 AM 42 seconds from pushing the power button to the login screen. news

very impressive. Antec Twelve Hundred V3 Asus Z170-E Intel i7-6700k @ 4.5GHz CM Hyper 212 EVO 32GB 3200MHz Corsair Vengeance LPX EVGA GTX 970 4GB SC ACX 2.0 Anetc Earthwatts 500W Samsung 950 At some point you need to bite the bullet and just do it. Asrock extreme4 z77, i5 3570k, m4 128gb permalinkembedsavegive gold[–]BigMorgan 3 points4 points5 points 3 years ago(2 children)My X58 setup takes approximately 40s just to post completely. :( permalinkembedsavegive gold[–]stevo42 1 point2 points3 points 3 years

Laptop Slow Startup Windows 10

MCE 2005 is fairly snappy as well.3700+ @ 1.03ghz/1.89ghz/2.53ghz(C&Q)2Gig's of OCZ36Gig RaptorsATI x850xt allhellJun 24, 2006, 9:12 AM 16 seconds.GigaByte 939 Nf4 AMD 4200+ overclocked with 2 hitachi sata ll drives I have the ASUS z170-M plus i have done the auto overclock wizard at first the start up whent power on the system and then shuts down and on and it To do this, open the Start Menu, type and run “msconfig” in the search menu box and navigate to the Startup tab. How can I organize files based on their filename first letter into A-Z folders Why do most smart assistants offer little, if any, customisation of the wake word?

Edit: Just updated to the latest bios, still 19 seconds, but when i turned off the "easy XMP" switch on the motherboard the POST time is now 8 seconds. permalinkembedsavegive gold[–]kandykanelane 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago(0 children)Someone mentioned it way further down in the thread and I don't know if you heeded their advice, but you need to make sure MexJun 29, 2006, 3:14 AM Too long.55+ seconds. Msconfig Last edited by Penguin154; 09-28-16 at 11:06 PM.

I would considering looking into the options inside of that version of BIOS for you and see if there is something that would work. permalinkembedsaveparentgive gold[–][deleted] 63 points64 points65 points 3 years ago(9 children)I noticed that on my asus z68 board it has a dual boot bios. The only things in my PC are the parts listed in my sig. http://www.expertreviews.co.uk/software/operating-systems/1403760/how-to-fix-the-windows-10-slow-boot-bug Edit: And my computer(almost 2 years on current install) boots in 30-32 seconds off a Crucial C300 64GB SSD.

My wife's ASRock MB can post in about 2s! Best Free Antivirus It certainly helps to know such boot times are common and not everyone is at under 10s. i guess it might be because i got alot of things on the deskytop and alot of programmes installed for startup mpjesseJun 25, 2006, 6:04 AM 16 seconds to login.but that's permalinkembedsaveparentgive gold[–]novemberoscar[S] 2 points3 points4 points 3 years ago(1 child)Yup, I just finished flashing mine with UEFI and got all the options you mentioned and the boot times I expected.

Windows 10 Slow Boot Black Screen

battousai831Jun 24, 2006, 8:53 AM 25-30secs maybe? http://www.laptopmag.com/articles/ways-to-make-your-pc-boot-faster At least if it comes back I'll know not to uninstall/reinstall again, ugh. Now if I could find the same brilliance for the rest of my evil Windows problems - really really Laptop Slow Startup Windows 10 permalinkembedsave[–]wesenater 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago(1 child)10 seconds on a properly partitioned hdd with windows 8.1 there is something in windows 8 that makes it boot like crazy permalinkembedsavegive gold[–]logicom 0 points1 Laptop Slow Startup Windows 8 Does someone have a good explanation why?

permalinkembedsaveparentgive gold[–]skeptic11 8 points9 points10 points 3 years ago(3 children)Change your boot order. navigate to this website About 7-8 sec for Windows to actually load and show login screen.Boot hard drive is just an 80GB w/ 8MB cache.Yeah I really don't care as long as its under a I actually find it easier to do it now, after living the results of waiting with DDR3 and HDDs last year (or was it more?). specs are opty 170, 2gb of ram and a raptor 74gb hd. Windows 10 Fast Boot

permalinkembedsaveparentgive gold[–]AppropriateTouching 3 points4 points5 points 3 years ago(2 children)I did try both of those and neither seemed to help much. permalinkembedsaveparentgive gold[–]Phlum 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago(0 children)What did what say? How do I land my plane without crashing? More about the author I boot in 9-12 seconds.

permalinkembedsaveparentgive gold[–]kingofkingsss 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago(5 children)https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Beginners'_Guide http://www.reddit.com/r/archlinux If you follow the beginner's guide, you can probably achieve a bootable installation. Ccleaner permalinkembedsaveparentgive gold[–]Newt0570 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago(1 child)If you turn off the "GUI boot" setting, you won't have to wait for the windows logo to animate. That was a savings of 55 seconds. 15 Ways to Accelerate Your PC's Slowest Component: You!

In addition, you can skip all of this entirely by choosing to put your computer to Sleep instead of shutting it down every time you're done using it.

xp2600 is 1.9ghz and my sempron is 1.5ghz i did'nt mean model number i aint that stupid. I have a windows partition on a laptop for those oh shit moments. time it takes for it to detect SCSI card) on Win2k3 Server R2P4 2.0ghz, 2GB RDRAM, 2x 36GB SCSI 1000RPM 1TankerJun 29, 2006, 7:22 AM Quote: Omg what the hell is Malwarebytes solved HeLp !!

Couldn't find it on this forum. Thanks in anticipation for any advice. Having set (checked) the "sync before exit" will not affect startup, and as you stated that it takes a long time My specs are in my sig. permalinkembedsave[–]Quazz 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago(0 children)Open msconfig, go to startup, disable gui at boot. http://cdhca.org/windows-10/shutting-down-into-hibernate-takes-more-then-3-minutes.php It used to be around 25s but now its more like 35-40 permalinkembedsavegive gold[–]cool_slowbro 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago(0 children)My SSD boots incredibly fast, it's not even running at SATA3 speeds.

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