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Windows Explorer: Back/Forward Button And Library Icon

A long while back I enabled a non-default cache setting on my system, and it changed the timing of file operations. You can find out the view setting of the current location, and change it if necessary, on the View menu. Move up (Alt + U) and Move Down (Alt + D) Buttons where appropriate for changing the order of the selected detail in the list view. However, if a split button is part of a group of controls which is arranged as a column, then you press the right hand side of the button using Right Arrow. useful reference

So if you type in a new name, you shouldn't include the extension, because the original extension is not overwritten. In the case of the Music, Pictures, and Video libraries, the public folder contains a Sample folder containing a small number of sample files. Start holding down the Shift key. This process can be time consuming, especially if you cannot remember where an item is filed. http://www.sevenforums.com/customization/79302-windows-explorer-back-forward-button-library-icon.html

When you do this, the setting of the ascending/descending options is automatically changed to the most likely setting for that property, and the options on the Sort by sub menu are The system seems to run best on fast, modernhardware (no surprise there -what kinds of computers do you think all the Microsoft people develop with in their richest of rich companies? The previous current location is now selected.

To continue, double-click the InfoTip value and type Go Up one level in the Value Data text box, as shown in Figure H. Ctrl+Shift+E Expand navigation pane to the current folder. Friday, January 20, 2012 8:32 AM 1 Sign in to vote I guess these issues are just permanent. I'm puzzled how they can be related...

To change the sorting, choose an unchecked option in one of the groups. This contains the name of the current location, for example a folder, and the contents of this location are shown in the Items view. Inverting the selection Choose Invert Selection from the Edit menu: all the items which were selected are deselected, and all the items which were not selected become selected. Arranging libraries Only libraries can be “arranged”.

By the way, what you've shown above is a nice presentation. For locations in which there are both folders and files, the folders are listed first, sorted by name, followed by the files, again sorted by name. Thanks so much, for your generosity to the community (and all windows users the world over) on this one btw. ~phumpty dumpty is sleepy Wednesday, February 01, 2012 4:13 AM 0 So I copied the file repeatedly, going back and forth using the back/forward arrow buttons at the top left of the window.

I could consistently reproduce this issue with files in my libraries\documents folder. Edit: Turning off write-cache buffer flushing for all of my drives (followed by a reboot) didn't solve this bug. I of course face the same problems with refreshing etc which occurs often in my Win7 Ultimate x64. Bug Warning: Jaws does not read the menus opened by these split buttons.

This does however mean that if you turn the grouping off, you'll also probably want to change the sorting as well. see here Now how about just going and doing something else and allowing this thread to get back on track again, soadults who want to make things better can continuetalk aboutways to work Enter sets the selected option to checked, and closes the menu. With Windows 7, the name Windows Explorer is back in vogue.

Creating a new folder When you create a new folder, it's created in the current location. Regarding this bug, I've encountered more weirdness since I last posted. These problems have been for a decade. this page Thursday, December 22, 2011 12:23 PM 0 Sign in to vote Okay; per the reports above so far none of the settings changes seem to work around the Explorerproblems being addressed

Before you can edit the Generic key, you will have to change its permissions. Since that 1995 introduction, Windows Explorer has gone through quite a few permutations. This supports my thoughts that we have intermittent timing-based issues.

Press Windows key + E to opens Windows Explorer with the Computer folder as the current location.

All the files are then played by your default music player. Probably not relevant, but you never know. I know you know, based on your thread Noel, that others report problems with Windows 7 Libraries as well:http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7itproui/thread/040e255b-b2e5-4b3b-94e6-743fa0e9cae1/ Best, Eric Sunday, February 05, 2012 3:46 AM 0 Sign in to From here on out I'll refer to this key as the Generic key.

It can't be both. Never underestimate the power of direct reproducibility to motivate software troubleshooting. Press Enter to press the Yes button. Get More Info What's left to argue about?

Be thankful for that -the way you actyou don't deserve recognition. For users of screen readers, almost the same information is available from the item name's extension or lack of it. Note that the focus remains in the Tree view, so you then have to press Tab if you want to move to the Items view. For example, I created a folder called Scripts in the root of the C: drive.

By default, the items are sorted by name, in ascending order. So, for example, the search term cat would match both cat and catch. The second box at the top of the Explorer window is the search box. Ctrl+N Open a new window on the same folder.

While there's evidence that Explorer has been made to workbetter in Windows 8,it's sad that Microsoft hasn't taken the time to do whatever redesignis needed to make it work 100% reliably Figure A Once you paste your GUIDs in Notepad, enclose each one in curly brackets {}. As you type in the search terms, the results automatically appear in the Items view – there's no need to press Enter to make this happen. I just triedit a bunch of times, using a number of different folders in and out of libraries, both in Windows 7 x64and in Windows 8 DP x64.

Do you think their developers use computers more than a year or two old?). -Noel Detailed how-to in my new eBook: Configure The Windows 7 "To Work" Options Edited by It certainly makes a certain kind of sense. So, if I take the risk and post profanity or some such offensive thing here, do you think MS guys would finally look at here?